The Voice Joint

William Marshall Cline - VOICE ACTOR

William Marshall Cline  (Bill)   is a professional Voice Actor  and CVO ( Chief Voice Officer) at The Voice Joint. He records radio and television commercials, narrations, explainer videos and learning/training programs for a global audience.   

 Authentic is what comes to mind when describing his sound.  His deep, smooth voice and sincere, confident conversational style are perfect for a wide array of voiceover applications.


It's all about the story…And that’s what I do, help you tell your story.

As a Voice Actor it's about lending my voice to your words and imagery to craft a message that will engage, inform, inspire and most importantly, connect.

That’s what I do for my clients, partner with them them to reach people.

Regardless of the genre, each line is delivered with a genuine warmth and relatability that is both compelling and earnest in its delivery

For booking information, email me at: or call 508-203-6940

As a voice over coach and KILLER Demo Producer, working with Bill was great. He ‘gets it’ quickly and his voice is superb for a multitude of genres. Always the professional, and a super nice guy too, I can’t wait to work with Bill again!

’Uncle Roy’ Yokelson - Antland Production
“Bill Cline is a voice to be reckoned with. His ability to bring VO copy to life is impressive. He gives his clients what they want, which brings them back again and again.

-Rodney Saulsberry, Author of “You Can Bank on Your Voice”
William is a great pleasure to work with. Super responsive, concise, and professional. His unique mature yet youthful voice means he can do a lot of different dynamic styles and reach many different demographics. Looking forward to doing more work with William in the future.
— Daren Lake, Audio Producer - F Sharp
When someone’s “first-take” ends up being the final version — because it’s so spot on — it says a lot. We’ve depended on Bill for a wide range of client projects: from consumer brand to advocacy. His involvement has led to highly successful PR and marketing campaigns. In the line of work we do, it’s all about evoking emotions. We admire his versatility and ability to “strike a chord” — no matter the content. Also, in a fast-paced industry with unforgiving deadlines, another thing we love is his incredible turn-around time to deliver — each and every time — phenomenal work. 

Founder & Managing Director at JaiCG (Jai Communications Group)
I hired William to be the voice of a extremely important conference of global leaders set in New York.
The purpose was for William to narrate an overarching animated story of togetherness in an emotive and powerful tone. William’s willingness to seek perfection as well as his timelines helped us achieve profound results. I would absolutely hire William again.

Adam Mathew Lipton
Creative Director