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 Voice Over Rates

There are  many variables that determine the cost of a VoiceOver project. Will my voice over be used for broadcast or non broadcast?  What size is the market in which it will be used? Are you asking for market exclusivity? These are just several of the factors taken into consideration.

Listed  below are my general base rates. This will give you a  good estimate of what you’re looking at for my voice over services, though actual rates can vary. All job requests will be provided with an accurate quote once the specific project details are confirmed.

Voice Over Rate Card

NON BROADCAST: Corporate, Business
0 – 5 minutes: $250 USD
5 – 10 minutes: $350 USD
10 – 15 minutes: $450 USD
15 or more: Request a quote.

NON BROADCAST: Explainer Video / Whiteboard Video
:00 – :60 – $200 USD
:60 – 2:00 – $250 USD
2:00 – 5:00 – $300 USD
5:00 or more. Request a quote.

NON BROADCAST: Training, Tutorial Modules
$0.25 per word.
Minimum Rate: $250 USD
For long form projects 10,000 plus, a per finished hour rate will be quoted.

BROADCAST: Television (minimum rate/spot)
Local: $450 USD
Regional: $1,250 USD
National: $2.500 USD

BROADCAST: Television Tags (minimum rate/spot)
Local: $100 USD
Regional: $200 USD
National: $1,500 USD

BROADCAST: Radio (minimum rate/spot)
Local (Small Market): $250 USD
Local (Large Market): $400 USD
Regional: $750 USD
National: $1,500 USD

BROADCAST: Radio Tags (minimum rate/spot)
Local: $100 USD
Regional: $200 USD
National: $300 USD

NON BROADCAST: Telephone, IVR, On Hold
0 – 400 words: $150 USD
400 – 800 words: $200 USD
800 – 1200 words: $250USD
1200 or more: Request a quote.
* Monthly retainer and bulk rates available. Request details.
* Music can be added for an extra fee. Request details. 

NON BROADCAST: Real Estate Virtual Tours
0 – 5 minutes: $150
5 – 10 minutes: $250
10 – 20 minutes: $300
*Monthly retainer and bulk rates available. 


If you require a voice over for a project not posted above, or if you have any questions regarding your specific project please send me the details. Click here to contact me. I’ll respond to your request via email or telephone, whichever you prefer.